Las Brisas Acapulco Hotel: set on a hilltop in the city of Acapulco


In the marvelous city known as Acapulco lies one of the best hotels in the country. But first, let me give you some details about the city. It is one of the most exclusive touristic destinations in Mexico, and it has become tradition among the people who go on holidays to Mexico. The Santa Lucía’s Bay offers incredible attractions, especially for the sun and beach lovers, and also for those people who are looking for night life and entertainment. This city never sleeps. The beaches in Acapulco are characterized for their golden sand and for the warm water… Perfect, right? Well, it can be ten times better if you stay at the Las Brisas Acapulco Hotel: set on a hilltop in the city of Acapulco. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

I will start by giving you a general idea about the facilities and services of Las Brisas hotel.

-The facilities:  This hotel has remodeled all its facilities recently, and added some minimalist and ecological decoration to the suites and cabins, making them even more exclusive. All the remodeled 251 cabins have a private or shared swimming pool, and you will have an exceptional view of the Santa Lucía Bay. All the rooms (including the suites) have a LCD flat screen tv, DVD and CD player, wifi, and room service. Every single morning, you will receive your continental breakfast at your door. Let see the description of the cabin with shared swimming pool: They are located on the first and second level of the hotel, and the swimming pool is shared among two or three cabins. You can choose a view of the Bay or of the Pacific Ocean, you can choose one king size bed or two individual beds, you have shower, bath robes, toiletries, a terrace with sofas and umbrellas and a resting area. The cabins with private swimming pool are located in the second and third level of the hotel, and they have the same amenities than the shared swimming pool cabin.

-The services: The hotel also provides you with a unique an exclusive place, a private beach club named Las Conchas, where you will find a swim up bar, and the possibility of doing a lot of activities, such as kayak, snorkel and diving.

-The suites: Let’s see the description of the Junior Suite as an example of all the luxury you will find. The suites have been completely remodeled, like I said before. They have a private swimming pool, and they are located on the fourth level of the hotel. You can choose if you want the view of the Pacific Ocean or of the Santa Lucía Bay. The junior suites have a comfortable king size bed, a flat screen TV, DVD player, CD player, a shower and a bath, crystal roof, and details in carved stone. You will find toiletries and bathrobes, a place to rest, terrace with special chairs for relaxation and umbrellas. Remember that children are not allowed in this category of rooms.

Mexico, Acapulco and the Las Brisas Hotel has luxury and relaxation in an awesome combination.

Bárbara Auferil